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Thank you for enjoying LOM with ITAM. Many users have acquired NFTs from playing and we know they are ready to take part on our next step.

There are mainly two types of pools:

  1. Core pool: Permanent pool such as single-staking ITAM/LOM pool or ITAM-BNB/LOM-BNB pair-pools. …

LOM has officially launched at Google Play!

Now, all Android users can freely download and play LOM directly from the store. PruneBomb Soft is thrilled to share the game with the public and will continue to go beyond your expectations. …

Lime Odyssey M with ITAM (hereinafter, LOM) is now ready to launch with an official approval from Google!

Open Time: 2021.10.11 Monday

Launching Platform: Google Play Store

LOM has been certified by Google and PruneBomb will be releasing it to the public at the start of next week.

ITAM and…

Creating a Blockchain Game Ecosystem with ITAM Middleware Technology

What is NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-fungible Token, which is an irreplaceable token, NFT is a type of digital currency, because of its uniqueness, it cannot be duplicated or exchanged with the digital currency of the same nature/name. …

Dear ITAM holders,

It’s not too much to say the last few weeks have been a dynamic ride. We’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time, and we are settling down successfully in our new home, the BSC ecosystem. It has been a fun and bumpy road! However…

Dear community,

Thank you for enjoying LOM with ITAM that has just released on Google Play. Please wait for further notice regarding Apple Store launch, which is right on its way.

In the meantime, PruneBomb Soft will be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with ITAM about the newly released Lime Odyssey M.


  • Platform: ITAM Official Telegram Channel (
  • Time: 2021.10.18 (Monday) 20:00[KST] / 11:00[UTC]
  • General schedule: Collected Q&A > Audience Q&A > NFT pool release notice

[Main Topic]: LOM development roadmap & LOM Token Cases

PruneBomb Soft has prepared an airdrop event for questions selected from the audience.

Hope you join us in the very first AMA session for LOM.

Thank you.

Soft release of APK version. Google Play right on its way!

Dear Community,

We’d like to thank you for waiting for the release of LOM with ITAM (hereinafter LOM).

Currently, v0.2 version with some bug fixes is pending final approval on Google Play.

In the meantime, we decided to temporarily…

Early notice of ITAM’s future towards GameFi universe

Dear Community,

Today, we would like to casually share some stories about ITAM and its roadmap.

ITAM team has felt great responsibility for the recent delay of LOM launch date and have devoted the past month to structural and operational reorganization of…

Dear community,

The LOM token was released yesterday! We gave away Prunebomb soft NFT to mine LOM tokens for INO participants.

Since LOM liquidity is not sufficient, we’d like to add the LOM and LOM-BNB LP mining pools earlier than planned. Please refer to the below for pool details and tokenomics of LOM.

[ Pool Information ]

[ Tokenomics & Distribution ]

As announced, NFT staking pool has opened today. Users can now stake Prunebomb NFT and earn LOM Token.

Unfortunately, approval for blockchain version of LOM has been deferred by Google Play Store because the app name overlaps with the existing LOM game. …


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