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Dear Community

Thank you all for your participation, our first INO was a blockbuster, we sold out 2,000 packages in less than a minute. Thank you for your support again.

Please note that the limited amount on INO cannot be changed at this stage as the number of items in the INO is limited only for the pre-sale. As much as our team and developers want to make our members satisfied with the INO pre-sale, we cannot risk the overall balance of the game. Please stay with us for an exciting new RPG P2E adventure, Lime Odyssey M. …

ITAM is going to launch a NFT Items Game “Lime Odyssey M” in August.
Free to Play! Play to Earn! This is Lime Odyssey M! This is ITAM!
Please click link below for game information

In accordance with the launch, we have prepared for the INO which is an NFT Items pre-sale event starting this Wednesday. This will be an opportunity for kick starting the game with advanced in game items!

INO(Pre-sales link) >

Fact check

a. The exchange rate for USD 29.99 and ITAM will be snap-shot at 1 hour before the INO(Pre-sale). This price in ITAM will be…

Creating a Blockchain Game Ecosystem with ITAM Middleware Technology

What is NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-fungible Token, which is an irreplaceable token, NFT is a type of digital currency, because of its uniqueness, it cannot be duplicated or exchanged with the digital currency of the same nature/name. Its uniqueness allows users to value their digital assets such as artworks and game items giving them true ownership.

Evolution of game contents

What is the difference between ordinary games and NFT games? The key difference is the ownership of the game items.

In ordinary games, the developer/publisher is the owner of the items in the game. No…

Dear ITAM holders,

It’s not too much to say the last few weeks have been a dynamic ride. We’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time, and we are settling down successfully in our new home, the BSC ecosystem. It has been a fun and bumpy road! However, we’ve heard feedback (yes we listen to them!) that too much of what we’ve done has been done behind the closets, and many of you would like to know more about the rebranding and new strategy of ITAM. Well, we’ve heard you, so here is a piece of our mind!

ITAM Business Interim Report

ITAM has been in the center of attention recently, with a lot of good news announced in a short period of time. Although a few so-called “whales” have used this positive momentum to materialize their gains, we do believe that ITAM’s business model is currently being executed even better than initially planned. Here is the link to summarize the ITAM activities. In this interim report, you can see what we have achieved for 42 days, and feel how ITAM’s capability is advanced.

We’re aware that many loyal holders are worried right now and wondering about…

Dear community,

All the developers are working day and night, gave up all the holidays and weekends. We will share some game development progress so far.

  1. The game server and database are being rebuilding, login and security issue will not occur again.
  2. In order to keep the promise, campaign mode and skill system will be opened first on October 4th.
  3. Other contents such as collection and pet system, will be updated step by step to redefine the P2E model from the ground to suit the blockchain game.
  4. Re-organizing item structure and drop rate in scenario mode.
  5. Option stats of NFT items will be definitely higher than normal items.
  6. Add more contents that can utilize NFT items to increase the value of it.

We will keep trying to meet our users’ expectation. Thank you very much.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In-app purchases on Google Playstore
    → Due to the limit on the number of refunds per day, it is being processed in sequence. We have sent an inquiry to Google for a quick refund. All type of in-app purchase(ruby/character/pet packs, etc.) will be refunded in the currency paid at the time of payment(Fiat).

2) Game items purchased from the market
→ As mentioned in the previous medium article, all of them were burned. ITAM tokens corresponding to the purchase amount were refunded.

3) NFT items obtained from the INO package
→ The item has burned, but the coupon…

Dear community,

NFT acquired in game and sent to marketplace has burned yesterday. In compensation, we’re going to make a refund for the users who bought those items at NFT farm.

Refund standards are as follows :

  • For whom? : Users who have purchased NFTs from the market at the time of incineration
  • How much? : ITAM tokens corresponding to the purchase amount
  • Burning time : Sep 14th 05:42 (UTC) Block №10898743 ~ Sep 14th 05:44 (UTC) 10898781
  • Total refund amount : 1078157.46 ITAM

This is for the balance of NFT items when the game is re-opened, the refund process will take place today. Thank you.

We’ll try our best to provide better service for our holders.

Dear community,
Currently, we are closely reviewing bug reports and suggestions from users. In conclusion, we are going to fix the bugs in Lime Odyssey M (hereafter LOM) and reset the server. Of course, used coupons will be reusable and In-app purchase will be refunded.

We plan to re-open on October 4th after optimization and service to ensure that there are no critical problems.
It’s more than 3 weeks from now and it was a tough decision for us as well. …

Lime Odyssey M is the first RPG game using ITAM Middleware, which signed a blockchain game release agreement with Tomcat. We launched the service on September 6th for Android first.

However, it couldn’t meet users’ requirements due to unexpected bugs. And we observed that some users’ data was lost due to security issues in the game server. Also, as many users have pointed out, there is a problem with the game economy, and we have decided that some are not suitable for the P2E model.

After discussion with Tomcat, ITAM team decided to revise the LOM direction as follows.
- Fixed…


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