Yes, we are officially acquired by Netmarble F&C.

only one word to describe, INNOVATION

ITAM will be rebranded as ITAM CUBE

With this renewal, we will actively join the connected world of entertainment from gaming to metaverse. The core value that will encompass our entire business is: ⚔️PLAY-with-EARN (PWE)⚔️

Why are we doing a rebranding?

— Harmonious playing & earning —

Based on our experience in servicing cryptogame in 2021, we have noticed not only the potential of the earning model for games…

We will be releasing our 2022 1st half’s game lineups next Friday at Christmas Eve!

We have not one, but multiple games each with distinct game plays and genre prepared for you. And yes, one of those games is from an AAA studio.


Official Site:

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